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InWorld Films is real-time animation, also known as Machinima, the practice or technique of producing animated films through the manipulation of video game graphics.

Machinima can be filmed by relying on in-game artificial intelligence (AI) or by controlling characters and cameras through digital puppetry. Scenes can be precisely scripted, and can be manipulated during post-production using video editing techniques. Editing, custom software, and creative cinematography may address technical limitations.



UK based InWorld Films was founded by Suzie Anderton in 2012 for filming in Second Life, the internets largest user-created virtual world. To join second life just go to and create your avatar now !


InWorld Films was created as a way of expressing and portraying inworld environments within second life.  From a tiny seed of inspiration to directing, editing and producing short films and promo videos in many genres.  Second Life has the ability to open up your own minds eye and interpret new boundaries.



ALL InWorld Films can be found on YouTube with over 70+K views.  Thank you for supporting my channel and visiting my website page.














[13:48] Brunella Voelisa (voelisa): OMG..your work is soo good Suzie
[13:49] Brunella Voelisa (voelisa) bows down before you in awe!
[13:50] Brunella Voelisa (voelisa): it showcases SL at its finest.


Suzie, Suzie Suzie ♬♫♪♫  I have watched your wedding video Skip and Delinda.. and you may not believe it: I did it three times full length. Although I don't watch wedding videos - sl nor rl - I'm very sure that it is the best one ever! This video deserves standing ovations and  a one-minute applause. In sl they often use the word 'immersive' . You succeeded to transfer it into the video. so many beautiful people (loved the gay/transgender couples which you didn't neglect.) You even didn't forget the singles there. Your eye for details is amazing. Am I wrong when I guess that this is your wedding masterpiece? No I am not :-) Congratulations Suzie. And yes I am jealous about your incredible hardware too.  Suzie, you made it. In my eyes you now play in another league. YANY O'Real (yany.oh) Second Life Resident


Thank you all for your continued support...KEEP WATCHING!




InWorld Films is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Labs / Research.




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